Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Proper Companion

Anyone can arrange a marriage-but only the heavens can decree true love! 
Her grandson, the Earl of Bradleigh, had just announced his engagement to a thoroughly unlikeable chit -- and Lady Bradleigh was determined to do something about it. Why, just about anyone would make a more suitable match...even her own paid companion, Emily Townsend! But if her dear, practical-minded Robert were to back out of the betrothal, the tongues of the ton would never stop wagging... 
At the very least, the dowager decides, she will extract a promise from her grandson to find Emily a husband. But when the handsome, rakish earl comes to know the charms of Emily Townsend, he suddenly regrets his hasty engagement-and is sorely tempted to win her hand for himself.
It's been years since I last read a book by Candice Hern.  I remember loving her books, but I can't remember why I stopped reading her.  I'm a huge fan of romances set during the Regency period, and I have a soft spot for the traditional Regency that I read so long ago, I couldn't resist signing up for The Regency Romance Reading Challenge that is being hosted by Austenprose

It seems like I'm on a roll, another book that kept me up at night. I began reading A Proper Companion shortly before going to bed, but I couldn't put it down.  I was transported back to a time where the upper crust of society felt the need to meddle in their children and grandchildren's lives.  I enjoyed all of it, Emily and Robert, started off as friends, they soon developed stronger feeling, but Robert being a gentleman could not give or promise anything more than friendship to Emily. I loved the way that he struggled with his feelings for Emily and the way she did as well for Robert, they both knew that it wasn't proper, but the feelings were still there. Even though I enjoyed Robert and Emily, the scene stealer of the book was the Dowager Duchess, she was a force of a nature, full of life and love for the people that mattered the most to her.

A Proper Companion by Candice Hern (4/5) Historical - Regency Romance; Published: Jove (1995); Format: Ebook for Kindle; Series: # 1, Regency Rakes; Regency Romance Reading Challenge (1); Keeper Shelf; Books 2013 (5);

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