Friday, March 9, 2012

February in Review

February was quite the month:  I got back into the groove of things, my reading picked up(yay), celebrated a very low key Valentine's Day, started re-doing the girl's room, striping furniture and staining it, and was floored along with the rest of the world with Whitney Houston's death.

Television wise, I found American Idol's auditions to drag on forever! I'm looking forward to Dancing with the Stars. The husband has been watching Walking Dead, I tried watching it but it freaks me out, so he watches that alone. One show that both the husband and I agree with is Boardwalk Empire, we're still watching the first season. As a family we've been (re)watching Chuck Season 1, Amazing Race, and a whole bunch of kids shows on Netflx.  We also watched a lot of movies, mostly at home, but we managed to go to the theatre a couple of times.  We took the kids to watch Journey 2, and the husband and I watched This Means War.  (I love Tom Hardy!)

Here are the list of books that I read:

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safron Foer 
To Catch a Leaf by Kate Collins 
The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife by Jillian Hunter
The Devil in Disguise by Stefanie Sloane
Out of Body by Stella Cameron
Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

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Nise' said...

Great February! I've been wanting to watch Boardwalk Empire.