Friday, February 17, 2012

Out of Body

Forced to witness unspeakable horrors...
Born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, Marley Millet finds that her psychic gift is both unsettling and incredibly dangerous.  She never wants to "travel" again - but the choice is not hers to make.

After glimpsing the fates of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley knows she has no choice and must speak up before more women disappear.  Flinty cop-turned-writer Gray Fisher, who interviewed both chanteuses before they vanished, takes special interest in Marley's incredible story - and in Marley.
Scouring the wild clubs of the French Quarter, Marley and Gray make an unlikely and uneasy team.  But their determination is matched only by the heat between them...and the evil they uncovered.

It's been years since I last read a Stella Cameron novel.  She used to be one of my must read authors, but I slowly got tired of out she was writing, I don't quite remember when and why that happened but it did.  I got this book along with the other books of the Court of Angels trilogy through a book swap.  They've been in my TBR pit for almost two years.  It's about time I got around to reading them.

I found it very hard to get into the book.  It felt complicated and hard to follow and at times it was dull.  Thank goodness I made it halfway through, and then it happened...The story actually got interesting, Marley and Gray actually made an effort to get to know each other, Marley spent most of her time keeping Gray at arms length. Eventually she gives him a chance and bam they end up in bed together.  I have a problem with that, I didn't find that realistic it felt like the author just put a sex scene there because she had to....didn't make sense for me.

The suspense/mystery in the book was very good.  It had me guessing throughout the book, had a few thoughts on who done it and why but I was surprised on the cuprits.  I have to say that the paranormal added an extra layer of creepiness to story and overall it was a pretty good story.

Out of Body by Stella Cameron (3/5) Romantic Suspense; Published: Mira (2010); Series: # 1, Court of Angels; Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge 2012 (1); TBR Read; Books 2012 (7);

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