Saturday, February 11, 2012

From London's ballrooms to its sizzling bedrooms, award winning author Jillian Hunter spins a seductive dance of desire and breathtaking romance. 
Lord Griffin Boscastle has no intentions of ending his glorious career as a rakehell now that he has inherited a dukedom.  Still, there are responsibilities he must discharge before he resumes his pleasures, including finding a bride and depositing his incorrigible niece at a relative's academy outside London.  It is at this so-very-proper finishing school that flame-haired instructress Harriet Gardner awakens in Griffin emotions so dangerously intoxicating that he must avoid her at all cost.  Yet when Harriet finds work in the townhouse were Griffin resides, her presence tempts him at every turn. 
Harriet has survived London's streets far too long to let an arrogant duke woo a bride he doesn't want when she desires him for herself, and she has seen too much of life not to recognize a man ripe for redemption.  But just as Harriet finds the perfect cure for His Lordship's devilish ways, a vindictive enemy intervenes, and the duke whom Harriet has plotted to save suddenly becomes her devoted protector.

Not really sure what to say... I was expecting more than this to be perfectly honest, but then this book reminded my why I stopped buying Jillian Hunter books, they are not what they seem.

The story itself was alright, it could have been darker considering the heroine background. Her background which makes this story so unbelievable, but for entertainment purposes, I can forget that a Duke would not take a former thief as his Duchess.  Anyway Harriet, was a good character, she made laugh and her relationship with the Duke's aunt was hilarious.  Her relationship with the Duke left me cold.  No chemistry at all! And where was the romance?  Being kissed on the stairwell doesn't count.

Ah well.... Will I give up on this author? Probably not, but I can only hope that her newer series is better than the Boscastle one.

The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife by Jillian Hunter (2.5/5) Historical Romance; Published: Ballantine Books (2009); Series: # 9, Boscastle; Library 2012; Books 2012 (4);

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