Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Family Favorites

It took me two weeks to get the gang to tell me their favorites of last year. We're a family that loves to read (obviously!), watching movies together and listening to music. Just your typical family, I guess.

There are four categories: Book, New to you Author, Movie and


Hubby's choice for his favorite book was Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. He chose this one because it was fast paced and he managed to read fairly quickly. He usually takes months to read a book, and this one he read in just two weeks.

Last year he also discovered, H.G. Wells. He read The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds. He chose H.G. Wells as his favorite New to You Author.

Music wise Mr. J could not pick just one particular song, but he did mention that he thought This Afternoon by Nickleback was pretty catchy. I shuddered when he said that. Not that I don't like the song. But....really?

As for his favorite movie, he had no second guesses and gave a straight answer. He loved Inception.

Miss S:

My daughter is alot like me. She loves to read and when she finds a series that she enjoys, she does not rest until she reads all of the available books. She then complains that she needs to wait for the book .... yep, a lot like me.

Her favorite book of 2010 was The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. She started reading books this author right at the beginning of the year, she went the Percy Jackson series very quickly and she read The Red Pyramid (Book 1, Kane Chronicles) during the summer and then she got her hands on The Lost Hero in November. And Rick Riordan is her favorite New to you Author.

When I asked her about her favorite song of the year, she looked at me like I was crazy. Then she told me that it would be hard to choose just one. She likes Katie Perry, Black Eye Peas and Train. She narrowed it down to Train's Hey, Soul Sister. Good choice, kiddo!

When it came to her favorite movie of the year, she did not surprise me at all. I knew she would pick this one....Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Master K:

My son enjoys books but is not what I would call a true bookworm (unlike me or his sister). But there were a few books that he truly enjoys. In 2010, he began reading The Magic Tree House series, and he also discovered the Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey. Truthfully I really don't care for that series, I find it stupid (for the lack of a better word), but if he likes it and he's practicing his reading, I'm a happy camper.

His favorite book was The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby by Dav Pilkey. And said author is his favorite New to you Author of 2010.

Master K is a huge Black Eye Peas fan but when he told me that his favorite song last year was Pink's Raise Your Glass, it didn't surprise me. He loves his Pink - his words not mine.

It took him a while longer to pick his favorite movie, but it wasn't a surprise to me though...He loved this one in the theatre and he watches it at home all the time. His pick was Despicable Me.


When it came for me to pick my favorite book, I blanked. Truly. And then one book came to mind. The author is also my choice for New to you Author. I remember reading this book, not only enjoying it but marveling on how humorous it was. It kind of reminded me of the older Julia Quinn's novels. My pick was Nine Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake by Sarah MacLean.

Like the rest of the family I love music. And I think I may just have a broader taste in music. I love to listen to different types and styles not mention music other than English sang music. But this time I stayed close to home and chose a Canadian band with a very catchy song, Hedley's Cha Ching.

Now for the movie...Like my husband I really liked Inception, but I didn't like as much as this one...True Grit.


Wendy said...

Really enjoyed Inception and we still need to see True Grit. And I LOVED Despicable Me. It made me cry (sap that I am) and dang, I want my own minions.

Leya said...

Hi Wendy,
True Grit was great. I love Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon wasn't bad. But the scene stealer was definitely Hailee Steinfeld. She was amazing. :)

I cried watching Despicable Me. But Toy Story 3 was really embarrassing. I started tearing right at the beginning.