Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've added more to my TBR pit.


Sandra said...

Thanks for visiting fresh ink Books. Re Blindness, I have to wait many years after seeing a film so I can forget a lot of it and enjoy the book so I know what you mean. I'm now following you by the way. I see you're doing the Canadian Challenge but I don't see what you've read so far. I've read 17 and reviewed (very briefly) only two. Several of my favourite for the year were Canlit-so many good ones this year.

Nise' said...

Outlander is a great choice! It is one of my favorites.

Kailana said...

I really need to read Gabaldon. I have stalled at book one!

Marg said...

I must confess I am a little surprised that you haven't already read Gabaldon!

Enjoy your books.

Leya said...

Thank you ladies for visiting Wandeca Reads! :D

I have yet to start reading for the Canadian Challenge. :( I swear I'll get around to it, Sandra.

Nise, Kailana and Marg, this will be my third time reading Outlander. I first read it back when it was first released, loved it then. But a few years ago I reread it and it didn't do anything for me except for getting angry. I'm not sure what happened..
But a friend challenged to read it once again, and you never know, I might just become a fan again. lol

Marg said...

That makes more sense. It will be interesting to see what your reaction to the book is this time around!