Thursday, December 31, 2009

C is for Captain

For my third installment of The Alphabet in Historical Fiction which is hosted by the lovely ladies over at Historical Tapestry, I am cheating a bit (there's my second C)... I read the book way back in August of this year, and truly enjoyed it.

The book that I read was Captain Wentworth's Diary by Amanda Grange. It's the re-telling of Jane Austen's Persuasion but through Captain Wentworth eyes. It was one of those books that just took hold of me right at the beginning and I couldn't put the book down. You can find my thoughts on the book here.

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Marg said...

I don't think recycling is cheating! It's prudent use of your resources! Says the woman who recycled for both A and B!

Thanks for participating!

Stephanie said...

I have been leery of the Jane Austen spin-offs, being a fan of the originals. However, this does sounds intriguing. I like the idea of telling this story from another character's perspective.

Heather said...

You might also be interested in Susan Kaye's two books, For You Alone, and None But You. They're another Wentworth perspective on Persuasion. I've read the first, but not the second. It was enjoyable enough, though I preferred Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series.

And I don't think you're cheating at all! I'm reading some new books, and taking the opportunity to reconsider some old favourites too!