Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Letters...

What can I say? I just can't get enough of the Darcy's.

The first book, Letters From Pemberley: The First Year, was Lizzie's letters to her sister Jane. But this book, More Letters From Pemberley: 1814-1819, the letters are written by Lizzie to different friends and family. It gives us a more detailed look at the life of the characters, the good times and the bad times. It shows us growth, at the beginning Lizzie is fun and carefree but the throughout the years you see her mature.

Here's the blurb:

The delights and the complexities of life at Pemberley

Now that she has been mistress of Pemberley for more than a year, Elizabeth Darcy's letters to her beloved sister Jane, her devoted husband and other characters who weave in and out of her sphere are intimate, sweet and full of insights.

Follow the Darcy family for another six years to the twilight of the Regency period in 1819, through the joys, celebrations and inevitable conflicts that arise in such an illustrious family.

Again incorporating Jane Austen's own words and characters from her other works, Jane Dawkins creates a satisfying, entertaining and endearing tale about a way of life always intriguing to modern day readers.

I'm always amazed on how books make me feel. This book ran a gamut of emotions for me, it made me laugh, it made me cry, I was surprised at times and angry at others, but overall the book made me happy.

I loved reading this book! I highly recommend it!

Rate: 4.5/5, Library Book

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