Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Have you ever started reading a book and found it too familiar? As if you read it already? Yep, it happened to me! I'm not complaining, I enjoyed re-reading Letters From Pemberley: The First Year by Jane Dawkins. And then I had this nagging feeling that not only had I read it before but I had a copy in my Keeper Shelf. And yes! I have my own copy, just a different cover.

Here's the blurb(taken from the back of the book):

In this continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, one of the best-loved novels in the English language, Elizabeth Bennet, now Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and mistress of Pemberley, finds herself in a very different league of wealth and privilege. Writing to her sister, Jane, she confides her uncertainty and anxieties, and describes the everyday of her new life. Her first year at Pemberley is sometimes bewildering, but Lizzy's spirited sense of humour and satirical eye never desert her.

Incorporating Jane Austen's own words and characters from her other works (who appear here with different names, either associated with Austen's life, borrowed from another of her novels, or a word-play on their original name), Jane Dawkins pieces together a literary patchwork quilt to tell the story of Lizzy's first eventful year as Mrs. Darcy. The result is an entertaining and satisfying tale that will surely delight Jane Austen fans everywhere.

I am looking forward to reading the other book by Jane Dawkins, which I got from the library as well. And I already checked I do not have on my shelf.

Rate: 4.5/5, Library Book and Keeper Shelf

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