Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cape Light

I found a new addiction! Seriously!

For the past week or so I haven't been the best, and when this happens I tend to take comfort in the type of books that I read. Usually it's a Debbie Macomber or a Jan Karon novel but this time around I tried Thomas Kinkade (yes the painter) and Katherine Spencer's series, Cape Light. In the introduction to Home Song Thomas Kinkade says that Cape Light is a "small town where friendships flourish, where people enjoy the warmth of romance, the joy of family life , and the support of the entire community".

Here's the blurb from Cape Light:

Nestled in New England is the picturesque seaside hamlet of Cape Light, where everyone knows everyone, and folks still care about one another. But Cape Lighters have their share of hidden dreams, desires, and doubts, too. Like Mayor Emily Warwick, who sometimes feels that her identity and her job are inseparable, and her sister, Jessica, who has torn herself away from the big city’s excitement and sophistication to care for their ailing mother. Or Reverend Ben, who counsels and consoles an entire town while coming to grips with his own private sorrows, and Charlie, the owner of the local diner, who isn’t shy about letting the mayor know that he is after her job.

They are friends and neighbors, doers and dreamers. They laugh and love and build their lives together in the town of Cape Light-and they will work their way into your heart.

And here's the blurb from Home Song:

Cape Light is a small seaside hamlet where folks still enjoy a strong sense of community and care about their neighbors. It doesn't mean they don't have any problems. It just means that when they do, someone is there to help.

Cape Light mayor Emily Warwick has too much on her plate: the election, town conflicts, and a family feud between her mother and sister. She soon finds herself pulled in every direction, leaving no room for the dreams she enjoyed years ago. And as her sister's wedding draws nearer-and her mother's objections to the marriage grow stronger-it seems that family harmony is a hopeless dream. But in this quaint New England village, miracles do happen

Can you see why I fell in love with this series? Wonderful life stories starring your friends and family, everyday worries and blessings... that's what made me connect with the Cape Light series.

If you enjoy Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cover or Blossom Street series you'll enjoy this one as well.

I highly recommend them!

Rate: 4/5, Library books

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