Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Read this as part Callapidder Days Fall Into Reading challenge.

I started my obsession with Empress Elizabeth of Austria when I was eleven or twelve. That's when I watched a series of movies starring Romy Schneider as Sissi (the Empress's nickname). At that time I didn't care about historical accuracy, I thought that the setting was so beautiful (Bavaria, Vienna, Venice, Madeira), the actors were amazingly attractive, and they had a great love story. And of course I thought all of what happened in the movies were true fact... Was I ever wrong!

The biography, The Lonely Empress: Elizabeth of Austria by Joan Haslip, shows us the young girl who fell in love, the young woman who lost something precious and the loneliness that she felt throughout her life. No longer I am the starry eyed girl who fell in love with the movies, but the woman who can (sometimes) understand the intricacies of life and love.

Has the obsession quiet down? No, not really. I will still watch the movies, and read about the actress that portrayed that special character that I love so much. Actually I just ordered a five DVD box set, The Sissi Collection from Amazon. I cannot wait to cuddle up on the couch and watch all five of those movies.

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Ana said...

Oh leya, I also adored Sissi... ah how many times did I watch those movies... now I think I'm going to have to post about it too ;-)