Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Great Escape

Where do you run to when your life has fallen apart?
Lucy Jorik is a champ at never embarrassing the family she adores—not surprising since her mother is one of the most famous women in the world. But now Lucy has done just that. And on her wedding day, no less, to the most perfect man she's ever known. 
Instead of saying "I do" to Mr. Irresistible, Lucy flees the church in an ill-fitting blue choir robe and hitches a ride on the back of a beat-up motorcycle plastered with offensive bumper stickers. She's flying into the unknown with a rough-looking, bad-tempered stranger who couldn't be more foreign to her privileged existence. 
While the world searches for her, Lucy must search for herself, and she quickly realizes that her customary good manners are no defense against a man who's raised rudeness to an art form. Lucy needs to toughen up—and fast. 
Her great escape takes her to his rambling beach house on a Great Lakes island. Here, she hopes to find a new direction . . . and unlock the secrets of this man who knows so much about her but reveals nothing about himself. As the hot summer days unfold amid scented breezes and sudden storms, she'll also encounter a beautiful, troubled beekeeper; a frightened young boy; a modern-day evil queen; and a passion that could change her life forever.
It may just be me, but I've been pretty disappointed with Susan Elizabeth Phillip's last couple books. Not sure if it's been too much of the same, but it's felt like too repetitive. Honestly I think it was the characters that weren't cutting it for me.  So you can understand my hesitation with this book.  

It took me forever, ok, exaggeration, but it took me days to read this book.  Although I enjoyed the premise, pampered rich kid, having second thoughts about marriage to perfect guy, decides to ditch him at the last minute and discover herself; it felt too forced in my opinion... Out of the two main characters, I liked Patrick aka Panda much better as a character than I did Lucy.  Yes, he had his flaws but he was likable, Lucy on the other hand was way too boring for my taste. At one point I was more interested on what was going on the secondary story lines that with what Lucy was going through....Argh!  I'm so frustrated....

Am I alone with this opinion?  Have you read this book?  What do you think?

The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (2.5/5) Contemporary Romance; Published: William Morrow (7/2012); Library; Books 2013 (6)

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Ana T. said...

I haven't read it but I plan to. I used to be a big SEP fan and I'm hoping to get back to her books eventually.