Thursday, April 14, 2011

Suddenly One Summer

Jenna Davies flees to the close-knit community of Angel's Bay with a seven-year-old child, a dangerous secret, and a heart full of pain. She wants nothing more than to live a quiet life, but when she sees a teenager plunge off the pier, she doesn't hesitate to dive in after her. But saving the desperate girl's life thrusts Jenna into a spotlight she can ill afford. Suddenly everyone in town wants to know her story -- a story that could cost her life.

Reid Tanner was a tough reporter until a shattering incident changed everything. Now all of his instincts are on alert. Who is Jenna, and what is she hiding? He wants answers, but his quest for the truth could put them all in danger. They say love is a miracle -- but can it keep Jenna safe in his arms?

I'm not sure what exactly happened but I had a hard time getting into the story. It took me up until halfway through the book to really enjoy what I was reading. It felt like the author was introducing way too many characters in a short amount of time. I realize that this book is the introduction to Angel's Bay and the people that make it a great family oriented community, but it was a little too much.

Saying that, I did enjoy Jenna, Lexie and Reid's story. I just wished there was more of them, but I'm hoping on seeing these characters in the next book(s) of the series.

Suddenly One Summer by Barbara Freethy (3.5/5) General Fiction; Published: Pocket Star Books (2009); Source: Library; Series: # 1, Angel's Bay; Books 2011 (19)

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