Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Devil in My Bed

Three Lords and a Baby...

When Aidan de Quincy finds a precocious tot on the steps of his gentleman's club, he is sure he isn't the child's father...well, nearly sure. In order to find out, he needs to find the only woman he ever loved--the one who broke his heart!

Madeleine Chandler has a secret, but not the one Aidan thinks she does. Her past is about to catch up to her again and only Aidan can save her. All she has to do is tell one more tiny little lie...

The first book of Celeste Bradley's, The Runaway Brides. I picked up the third novel at the UBS not knowing that it was part of a series, so I quickly bought the other books. I need to read a series in sequence, otherwise it just does not work for me.

In Devil in My Bed we are introduced to Aidan, Colin, Madeleine and little Melody. Aidan, Colin, and Jack are members of Brown's, a gentlemen's club. Little Melody arrives at the doorstep of said club with a note saying that her father is a member, and through the process of elimination they will try to figure out who is her father.

I found the premise of the story to be very good. I enjoyed the characters, I really liked Aidan and Madeleine, enjoyed their story ans was rooting for them at from the start; but the scene stealer was Melody, she was a cute precocious kid, I'm a little surprised how well she spoke, but it's fiction.

Looking forward to the next book, Rogue in My Arms.

Devil in My Bed by Celeste Bradley (3.5/5) Historical Fiction; Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks (8/2009); Source: Ebook for Kindle; Series: # 1, The Runaway Brides; Books 2011 (21);

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