Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home to Harmony

Welcome to Harmony...

...a tiny town hidden beneath the staple in the Rand McNally Atlas. In these delightful stories, Sam Gardner, pastor of Harmony Friends Meeting, describes in a warm, down-home style the moving and humorous adventures of his first year leading his hometown church. Along with Sam, partake of the Friendly Women's Circle's Chicken Noodle Dinner (their motto: "Meeting All Your Noodle Needs Since 1964"). Experience small-town revival and the antics of Billy Bundle, the "World's Shortest Evangelist". Drop in at the Coffee Cup, where a painting of The Last Supper overlooks the salad bar...

If you're tired of today's fast-paced, complication-choked world, come home to Harmony, where the characters are quaint yet colorful, the mishaps familiar yet funny, and the moral of the story is always heartwarming and faith-inspiring.

I'm reading this book for a challenge, Christy Awards Challenge. I enjoy inspirational books, I'm a huge fan of Jan Karon's Home in Mitford. And I'm hoping that this series will be as good as Karon's.

Just like the blurb said it's a heartwarming and funny book, but I felt like something was missing. I'm not sure what... I felt that author only scratched the surface of the characters. Do you know what I mean? I wanted more information. I can definitely say that it has sparked my curiosity and I'm looking forward to the other books of the series.

Overall I think it looks promising.

Home to Harmony by Phillip Gulley (3.5/5) Fiction: Inspirational; Published: Multnomah (2000); Series: # 1, Harmony; New Author; Christy Awards Challenge (2); Books 2010 (31);

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