Monday, December 14, 2009

Ain't Too Proud to Beg


Josie Sheehan collects failed relationships the way some women collect designer handbags. Now, at thirty-five, she has exactly one male in her life: her Labradoodle, Genghis. In fact Josie, along with the three very single women in her dog-walking group, has recently sworn off men, resigning herself to long walks in the park with her devoted, four-legged friend.


All bets are off, however, when she meets Rick Rousseau, a pet-company CEO who is smart, sexy, and, best of all, head-over-heels for Josie. Even Genghis, an excellent judge of character, seems to know that Rick is the real deal. But just when Josie starts to think that she has found something more enduring than puppy love, she discovers that Rick has a complicated past—and a secret that could put the woman he loves in serious danger...

I'm a huge fan of Susan Donovan, I have almost all of her books in my keeper shelf, and I re-read them. I enjoy her stories, they are always interesting and fast paced, but mainly what I love is the humor. I know when I read Susan Donovan that laughter will always be a part of the story. And this one did not disappoint...I read this book in one sitting. I devoured it!

The main characters were interesting enough. The heroine, Josie, was funny and quirky, and she had an interesting job, she writes obituaries. The hero, Rick, a successful business that isn't afraid to help out, is a hunky tattooed man with a past. And that past is coming back to settle the score.

I found their chemistry good, but wished it sizzled a little more. I love the interaction of the human characters with canine ones, very funny moments. But at times I felt more interested in what was going on with the secondary characters. And I also enjoyed the touch of mysticism, it didn't overpower the storyline, so that was nice.

Can't wait to get my hands on the author's next book!

Ain't Too Proud To Beg by Susan Donovan (4/5) Contemporary Romance; Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks (11/09); Series: # 1, Dog Walking Group; 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (141); Keeper Shelf;

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