Monday, November 2, 2009

Shotgun Wedding

I haven't been feeling the best lately. I've had a cold for the past couple of weeks, and don't get me started on my cough. Anyway, I've been in the dumps and I wanted a picker-me-upper, and what can possibility go wrong with reading Maggie Osborne. I haven't read her in years, so I ventured downstairs to my TBR pit and dug through and found Shotgun Wedding. I first read this book when it was first published, I believe it was through the library. And when I found it recently at the UBS, I couldn't resist buying it.

Here's the blurb for Shotgun Wedding:
Annie Malloy is in a fix. She’s gotten herself into the worst kind of trouble and there’s really only one way out. It seems the town’s handsome new sheriff, Jesse Harden, has taken a shine to her–and has offered her a way to end the scandal once and for all. Marriage, she hopes, even a hasty one to a virtual stranger, will put an end to the gossip and return her life to something like it was before. But Annie soon finds that the quiet life she once lived has been exchanged for one full of chance, desire, and the breathtaking possibility of true love.

Jesse John Harden has always followed his instincts and has no doubt that he can turn this marriage of convenience into a true marriage of the heart. With each day that passes the bond between him and his pretty new wife grows stronger and the spark between them gets hotter. But Annie is hiding a secret that could destroy their delicate happiness. Now Jesse must convince Annie to let him stand beside her to face the past so they can have a chance at a happy future.

I'm so glad that I re-visited this story. It reminds me the reason I enjoy Maggie Osborne so much, she tells a great story. The characters are amazing, the dialogue keeps the story flowing and reading it for the second time it's still fresh and entertaining.

I loved the way the heroine is having a hard time with her feelings. She's a modern woman, she believes that she's doing the best she can in the situation but slowly she realizes that it's not only her that suffers the consequence of her "mistake". And there's Jesse who is willing to help her and take some of the blame, and wants to protect and love the child even if it's not his. Very commendable.

I wish I had more westerns in my TBR, but, oh well....If I could only get hands on I Do, I Do, I Do!

Shotgun Wedding by Maggie Osborne (4/5) Historical Romance: Western; Published: Ivy Books (11/2003); 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (124);


Wendy said...

This is actually one of my least favorite Osbornes. That said, she writes such wonderful characters - that even when I wanted to smack the heroine, I *knew* and *understood* why she was behaving/acting/thinking the way she was.

It was a hard read, because you could *see* that the train was barreling down the tracks and yet the heroine didn't seem to have a clue. Just gut-wrenching. Like when you see your best friend making a horrible mistake and yet you *know* you can't stop her.

Anonymous said...

Books are such a comfort when you are sick, aren't they? Hope you're feeling better.