Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Favorite Reads: Lady Whilton's Wedding

My Favorite Reads is a weekly meme hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books. It's a meme where we talk about our favorite reads of the past. I've been quietly following this meme for a while, and I'm finally participating.

It took me while to choose a favorite. Imagine coming over and looking at my shelves, they're full of favorites: mysteries, romance, classics, historicals, plays and many other genres. But I had to pick just one and this week that one, is Lady Whilton's Wedding by Barbara Metzger.

Here's the blurb for Lady Whilton's Wedding:

Where was Uncle Albert? The day of Lady Whilton's nuptials was fast approaching, and the spiteful old lout had disappeared. Daphne Whilton, the bride's daughter, knew what happened. She had found him dead in his chambers and vowed to keep it a secret, fearing the miser's legacy would destroy her mother's glorious wedding.

Lord Grayton Howell, the groom's son - and Daphne's former betrothed! - had lent a hand to the matter, moving Albert to the wine cellar. However, Albert's adventure was only beginning, thanks to a pair of thieves, a house full of guests, and the reluctant conspiracy joining Daphne and Gray, who were hardly in the perfect circumstance for reawakening romance....

I love this book! Not only does it have a mystery, adventure, laugh out moments but it also has a touch of romance. Whenever I feel like I need a light and quick read, this is the book I revisit. Although I try to take good care of my books, this one has creeses in the binding, the pages are yellow and even same are falling apart...and eventually I know I will have to find another copy.

You can find more favorites by visiting here.


Alyce said...

I honestly wouldn't know where to start when looking into the romance genre. There was a period of about five years where I read a lot of Christian romance novels, and since then I haven't gotten back into reading straight romance.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Blodeuedd said...

Oh it sounds lovely :) Just the kind of book I could like to read

heidenkind said...

I haven't read this particular book, but I have several of these 2-in-1 Regencies that I've really enjoyed. It sounds like a great book!