Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wedding Diaries

He may turn out to be the best gift she has ever received. . . SHE WAS READY TO TIE THE KNOT.

Texas heiress Vivienne Stansfield’s dream of being a bride was about to come true. But in a startling change of fortune, her safe, reliable fiancé proves himself to be neither–and her wealthy, eccentric father disappears, leaving her with no money, no explanation, and no choice but to find a job. Determined to prove that she isn’t the pampered princess the tabloids say she is, she seeks the position of nanny for sexy real estate mogul Max Landry’s young sisters. With to-die-for clothes and a heart as pure as her gold charm bracelet, Vivi steps up to the challenge. But how to resist her irresistible employer?

Max needs a nanny. But the last person he wants is a knockout who doesn’t know the first thing about taking care of herself, much less two young girls. But once she arrives, he learns that there is more to Vivi than her short skirts and high heels imply. And when she asks Max to teach her about the game of life and passion, this strong-willed man realizes that he wants to play for real, for keeps–and he has no intention of losing this woman’s surprisingly fragile heart.

I thought the main characters were wonderful. I loved seeing Vivienne grow from a "pampered princess" to a responsible adult who relies on herself for her own decisions. I found Max a great leading man. Strong, reliable and with a sense of duty towards his family that I found surprising and amazing. He fights against his feelings for Vivienne, but he slowly realizes that he cannot live without her.

It was a great afternoon read. Just what I needed. It was a cute and fun read, and there was also some emotional aspects to it, which brought the tissues.

The Wedding Diaries by Linda Francis Lee (3.5/5) Contemporary Romance; Published: Ivy Books (9/2003); 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (78);

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