Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kids' Picks - January

It's Kids'Picks time at 5 Minutes for Books.

I'm one of those lucky people that both my kids love books. The Sophster2000, who is eight has been an avid reader ever since she discovered that she could do it on her own. She's been reading since she was four. Master K, on the other hand struggles with reading. It's hard to see the frustration growing in him while he tries to read on his own, he knows the sounds but for some reason he's having problems putting them together. But with all these struggles he still loves books, we read together, he has alone time with books on his own, and even the Sophster reads to him.

Sophster got this book at Christmas. But she was saving it until she finished the last book of the Harry Potter series. She began it a week and half ago, she just finished this morning. She loved it! She told me that I had to read it. I asked her if it was a recommendation and she said "it's not recommendation mom, I'm telling you have to read it".
Up next is J.K. Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Master K, on the other hand, is enjoying Marley and Me, Meet Marley. It's one of those books that he enjoys so much that he always goes back to it after reading a new book. I think in the past week, we've read it two times everyday. I asked him what he thought about the book. He said that Marley was a silly dog, and then he asked when we could get a dog. Yeah! Not any time soon.

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Carrie said...

Fun picks! I'm glad to know that she enjoyed The Tale of Despereaux. I also think its fabulous that your four year old is pressing on with the reading thing, even when its frustrating to him. It's a good trait to persevere! That's awesome.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

My four-year-old enjoys that Marley book too. I love the message -- that even though Marley's bad, his family loves him. Pretty appealing for a micheivous little boy!!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I really want to re-read Despereaux before I watch the movie. Kudos for the little one, too, for charging ahead with reading even if he finds it difficult!

ibeeeg said...

The Tale of Despereaux is on our list of reading. It looks fun.