Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Cedar Cove Christmas

Anyone who reads this blog knows by now that I'm a huge a Debbie Macomber fan. So it must not be a surprise that I forked out the big bucks to buy this book.

Here's the blurb for A Cedar Cove Christmas:

Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, searching for her baby's father. David Rhodes had said he'd be in town. But he isn't. Which leaves Mary Jo stranded, pregnant and alone. And there's no room at the local inn.…
So Grace Harding brings Mary Jo home to her nearby ranch. She and her husband, Cliff, have a houseful of guests, but they offer her a room over their stable (currently sheltering the animals—including a donkey and a camel—for Cedar Cove's Nativity pageant!).

When Mary Jo goes into labor that night, a young man named Mack McAfee, a paramedic, comes to her rescue, just as her brothers—the three Wyse men—show up in town. The people of Cedar Cove join them in celebrating the birth of baby Noel. But no one has more to celebrate than Mack. Because this Christmas brings him faith, hope and love…

Here is a different telling of the nativity story. Mary Jo and the Wyse brothers, I love the way the author played with the names. And to add the Nativity animals to the Harding's barn was a nice touch.

As usual it was nice to see the usual characters of the series, I loved seeing Grace taking a very active role in Mary Jo's story. She's such a caring woman, and this story just brought out her maternal instincts.

Here's my problem... Now I have to wait eight or nine months for the next Cedar Cove story. I just don't think I can do that.

A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber (4/5) Contemporary Romance; Christmas theme; Published: Mira (10/08); 100 + Reading Challennge (89); Keeper Shelf;

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Swapna said...

Hello..glad to have found ur blog... I love Debbie Macomber too.. I have read Blood Brothers and the second part Hawkins Hollow..impatiently waiting for the last ..Pagan Stone....