Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's On Your Nightstand?

What's On Your Nightstand

It's the fourth Tuesday of the month, so it's time for What's On Your Nightstand? This month, I think I've bitten more than I can chew...

I'm hoping to read all these books. I may not, but I definitely will try.


janet said...

Wow - that's a pretty serious stack! Good luck!

Lindsey said...

I always find myself doing that at the library, lol. But hey, you have backup books in case you don't like some of them, right!

I see you're reading Jane Eyre, too (from your sidebar). I'm reading it for the Classics Bookclub, too! I'm at Chapter 15, hoping I'll finish by October 7. :-) Sooo enjoying it! I've been posting as I read through it, my thoughts. That's what today's post is on, too.

God bless!

Leya said...

Janet, thanks for stopping by Wandeca Reads.

I'm hoping that I'll read at least half of the books. It will all depend on my mood. ;)

Happy reading!

Leya said...

Lindsey, I just can't say no! lol I love visiting the library, and if a book pops out, it's coming home with me. lol

I'm really enjoying Jane Eyre. I'm actually surprised on how different my views are from the first time I read it (in high school).

Thanks for stopping by Wandeca Reads.

Happy reading!