Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's on Your Nightstand?

Saw this over at Ana's blog and also at Marg's blog. Looked like fun, so I checked out. What's on Your Nightstand? is being hosted by Jennifer over at 5 Minutes For Books.

What's On Your Nightstand

Here are the rules:

You can participate in What's on Your Nightstand? in several ways. Choose what's appealing to you:

1. Take a picture or simply give a list of the stack of books that you are in the process of reading or planning to read (it might be on your nightstand, on a bookshelf, or like me, under your bed).
2. Give short reviews of the book or books that you read that month.
3. Tell about what you are reading and why. I love to read the backstory on books. Did someone give it to you? Are you trying out a new genre at the recommendation of a friend (or website)? Did you stumble across a new author in a used bookstore?
4. Fill us in on your reading habits. When are you reading these books? Is one reserved for bedtime reading? Does one stay in your car to be read while you are waiting? Do you read just one book at a time?

I chose the first. Here's what I have on my nightstand:


Ana T. said...

Hi Leya, some intriguing books you have there. The only I've read is the Jules Verne book. Looking forward to your opinion on the others...

Marg said...

Interesting pile. I am waiting for Tribute to come in from the library, and I have read the Hoyt as well.

Look forward to hearing about the others.

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Nice big pile!

Thanks for joining in.

Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Books

Leya said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies! I'm hoping (keeping my fingers crossed!) that I'll read them all. It will all depend on my mood.

Nise' said...

I just brought home Sister's Choice from the Library. On the wait list for Tribute. Luanne Rice is a favorite!