Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blind Rage

A string of young women committing suicide is haunting the Twin Cities—but FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare has a hunch that these women didn’t die by their own hand…

It’s a big leap to take, and Bernadette’s going to need some serious evidence to back it up. Unfortunately, her best lead is an uncooperative psychiatrist, and when Saint Clare resorts to using her second sight, she’ll discover dark secrets in the doctor’s past as complex as they are disturbing.

With a cast of characters including a partner who’s no longer among the living and a handsome boss who’s available, this is the most unique psychological thriller you’re bound to read all year.

I had such high hopes for this book. I read the previous book, Blind Spot, which I loved. I found it fresh and addictive. But not so much in this one. I found it sluggish and missing what had drown me in the last book. Her visions. I loved them, but in this one they were rare. Although I enjoyed her banter with her partner, I wanted the ewww factor. Don’t get me wrong the crime here is just as disturbing, but it wasn’t as emotional. It just didn’t make me as angry as in the previous.

I'm hoping that the next will be back on track. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Blind Rage by Terri Persons (3.5/5) Mystery; Paranormal; Published: Doubleday (08); Series: # 2, Bernadette Saint Claire; 100 + Reading Challenge (44); Library book;

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