Monday, July 7, 2008

The Knight

When I was packing for our week of camping, I decided that I needed to bring some of my favorite books along with the new ones that I had bought. I brought along The Duke by Gaelen Foley.

The Duke is the first book of the Knight Family series. It’s the story of Robert Knight, Duke of Hawkscliffe. It’s sets the perfect tone for the series. Here’s the blurb:

He Would Risk Everything to Gain Revenge . . . But He Never Planned On Losing His Heart

Driven to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his ladylove, the Duke of Hawkscliffe will go to any lengths to unmask a murderer. Even if it means jeopardizing his lofty reputation by engaging in a scandalous affair with London's most provocative courtesan - the desirable but aloof Belinda Hamilton.

Bel has used her intelligence and wit to charm the city's titled gentlemen while struggling to put the pieces of her life back together. She needs a protector, so she accepts Hawk's invitation to become his mistress in name only. He asks nothing of her body, but seeks her help in snaring the same man who shattered her virtue.

Together they tempt the unforgiving wrath of Society - until their risky charade turns into a dangerous attraction, and Bel must make a devastating decision that could ruin her last chance at love.

I can honestly say that Robert Knight is one of my favorite characters. Ever. I love his honor, the way he feels responsible for his family, the way that he wants to change things about him - his social responsibility, and the way he cares for Bel. But even with all those good traits, he can be an ass. He’s human! Lol

I don’t want to say to much more…I don’t want to give away anything of the story. Wonderful!

The Duke by Gaelen Foley (Reread) Historical Romance; Published: Ballantine (12/2000); Series: # 1, Knight Family; 100 + Reading Challenge (25); July Book Blowout (1); Keeper Shelf;


Rowena said...

I've never read this author before but I'm gonna have to bump her up on my list of authors to try...thanks for the review.

Leya said...

Rowena, thanks for stopping by.

My pleasure! :D

The whole series is wonderful.