Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Her Secret Fantasy

I’m trying my best to catch up with the Spice series by Gaelen Foley. I enjoyed the first book, Her Only Desire, and I was looking forward to reading, Her Secret Fantasy. Who can resist the Knight men?

Here’s the blurb:
Some say the aristocratic Balfour clan is cursed, a once-great family now in slow decline. Graceful Lily Balfour is her family’s last hope, and she has come to London with one goal—to marry a rich man. Her well-laid plans are balked, however, by the irresistible Major Derek Knight, a handsome highborn soldier and adventurer newly returned from India.Hardened by battles on India’s lawless frontiers, Derek is not just a fighter but a skilled and insatiable lover—a master of the Eastern arts of pleasure. Though Derek finds no shortage of willing women in London, it is the aloof, untouchable Lily who haunts him. After one stolen moment, he hungers for nights of sensual abandon to fulfill her fantasies and free her from her self-imposed prison. But he has come to England on a vital secret mission, and when Lily is betrothed to a wealthy man suspected of corruption, Derek must thwart the treachery that ensnares them both—for only then will ecstasy and the sweet promise of her heart be his to claim.

Dashing and sexy officer meets beautiful and secretive lady. They fall in love/lust at first kiss. Said officer finds out that beautiful lady is to be married to man he dislikes and which he is investigating for fraud. The lady has to marry the rich man to save ancestral home and family. But they cannot keep away from each other…Great formula!

I enjoyed every little morsel of it! Gaelen Foley has the ability to suck me right in and forget about what is happening around me. I lost track of time. I’m not complaining, it was great way to spend an afternoon.

The characters were amazing; you knew from the start that their feelings were deeper than either one of them imagined. Their willingness to help each other, and not fearing for their safety touched me. It was also nice to see familiar faces. And the new faces were quite an experience, there’s a mother from hell, a chaperone with a heart of gold, another mother that only wants the best for child, a young woman who has no problem in hurting people around her to get what/who she wants. Is there any wonder I lost myself in this book?

Her Secret Fantasy by Gaelen Foley (4.5/5) Historical Romance: Regency England; Published: Ballantine Books (2007); Series: # 2, Spice Trilogy; 100 + Reading Challenge (33); July Book Blowout (9); Library book;

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