Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Place Like Here

I was looking forward reading Cecilia Ahern's There's No Place Like Here, so when I got a friendly reminder from my local library to pick it up, I ran... Yep, ran!

Usually when I look forward to something I tend to build it up in my head, and let's face it, I mostly get disappointed. So knowing this I started reading this book I little scared, and hoping, just hoping that it wouldn't blow up in my face.

Here's the blurb (taken from B&N):

Bestselling author Cecelia Ahern, whose sparkling novels have more than 5.5 million copies in print worldwide, returns with an ambitious, absorbing, and romantic tale of things -- and people -- lost and found People disappear every day, some because they choose to leave their old lives behind, and some for more unpleasant reasons. Things, too, disappear: mittens and cell phones, wallets and luggage. In every case, someone is left behind; someone is left to wonder what happened.

Ever since her classmate Jenny-May vanished when they were ten years old, Sandy Shortt has been obsessed with finding things. Now grown, Sandy's obsession has become a calling, with her own agency devoted to locating missing persons. But with every failed case, Sandy is plagued with questions: Where do missing people go? Are they alive or dead? Did they intend to disappear, or did they suffer some cruel fate? As these questions threaten to consume her, Sandy suddenly finds that she, herself, has disappeared, and that she has found all the answers she's always searched for in a magical place where all lost things and people go.

A romance that explores the meaning of loss and love, There's No Place Like Here is Cecelia Ahern's most satisfying, most inspired, most entrancing novel yet.

Ever read one of those books that you have to carry a box of tissues around with you? Well it was one of those. It brought up all types of emotions from me. The more emotional a read is the better in my opinion.

I adored the concept of this book. The idea of having this missing area where all lost things and people go to was just wonderful. Realistically I know this can't happen, but the dreamer in me loves it! Fiction is wonderful!

The characters were amazing. Sandy's need to find missing people really touched me, I thought that she was a little to obsessive but it also that need that made her all that real to me...amazing. Jack's search for his brother and later for Sandy really got to me as well. Here's this individual who wants (no, needs) to find Sandy, because he feels that she's the only person that can help him, the only person that truly understands his need for closure.

I'm not going to get into the whole story, because I don't to spoil it for those of you that haven't read it yet... What are you waiting for? ;)

There's No Place Like Here by Cecilia Ahern (4.5/5) General Fiction; Published: Hyperion New York (2007); 100 + Reading Challenge (3); Library book; Added to shopping list

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