Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In the second book of the Ghost Hunter Mystery M.J. is hired by her best friend Teeko. Karen's (aka Teeko) niece was chased and attacked by a ghost holding a hatchet, and Karen wants the kids at the private school safe from the maniacal ghost.

So M.J. and the gang, Gilley and Dr. Steven Sable are on their way. But along the way they encounter spirits that need their help to cross over. They convert the usual skeptics and so on. Once they arrive at the school, they discover that the ghost is stronger than what the team was expecting. There's more than just a troubled ghost hanging around, but can they figure out what's going on before one of them is seriously hurt.

I thought it was okay. It was fast paced and somewhat exciting. There was tension between the characters, especially between M.J. and Steven - there's the romance element - bonus! The interaction between the characters is awesome, I love the banter between Gilley and M.J.. I have to repeat myself (I'm sure I've mentioned it before), the dialogue has to be good otherwise I put the book down! The dialogue was good, but Steven's little problem with the language was starting to get on my nerves. One or two mistakes here or there would have been alright, but it seemed he was making them every time he opened his mouth. Next: the paranormal aspects of the book. I thought it was good, scary at times but I was expecting it. But overall it fell short.

Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend by Victoria Laurie (3.5/5) Paranormal Mystery; Published: Obsidian Mystery (March 2008); Series: # 2, A Ghost Hunter Mystery; 100 + Reading Challenge (1); Library book;

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