Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Thread Pulled

When the wealthy and handsome Fitzwilliam Darcy encounters the beautiful and lively Elizabeth Bennet at a small country ball, he loudly refuses to dance with her, declaring her to be merely tolerable. Fortunately for Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth has walked away and does not overhear his insult, thus snagging the thread that would have sealed her prejudice against the prideful stranger. 
Unexpectedly, circumstances thrust Elizabeth into the same household as Mr. Darcy, and her proximity unwittingly proves tempting, as her tantalizing wit and playfulness evoke desires that threaten to unravel his resolve against her.

I'm always on the lookout for variations on Pride and Prejudice, and this book sounded promising when I was shopping around on Amazon last summer, I've had One Thread Pulled by Diana J. Oaks on my Kindle's TBR shelf since then. I tend to read them as soon as I get them, but some titles get forgotten, and for some reason this one was one of them.  I guess I needed a reason to read it and Pride & Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge was as good a reason as any to read it...finally.

I really enjoyed this adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.  It felt like that the author tried to stay true to the original with the sequence of events but making them different without making it feel far fetched. 

The characters were written as what I would expect them to be.  I loved the way that Darcy and Elizabeth developed a somewhat strong friendship before he declared himself to her.  I loved the way that both were struggling with their feelings and having anything they could speak to.  I loved seeing that Mary had a stronger presence in this book, I always felt like she was the forgotten daughter, that she needed a chance to shine, she bloomed and had her chance to shine.  I also enjoyed Caroline's obsession with Darcy, wanting to make him jealous and he was completely oblivious to what was going on.

The story moved well, there didn't seem to be any staled moments where I wanted to rush through.  My only complaint was that the ending felt rushed and incomplete.  I wonder if there will be a sequel?  Because it was left open by the author.

One Thread Pulled by Diana J. Oaks (4.5/5) Historical  Romance; P&P adaptation; Published: CreateSpace (8/2012); New Author; Format: Ebook for Kindle; Pride and Prejudice Bicentenary Challenge (2); Books 2013 (11);

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