Friday, May 6, 2011

Heavens to Betsy

Blessed Are the Fabulous.

Life would be perfect for Reverend Betsy Blessing if it weren't for parishioners who keel over during her sermons, steal money from the collection box, and set her up with ex-cons. Not to mention the very inconvenient feelings she is suddenly having for her long-time friend, fellow seminarian, and verbal sparring partner, David Swenson. It isn’t until Betsy is thrust into the position of senior minister for her church, however, that she discovers the real cause of her discontent: her fear of failing has become stronger than her faith in herself.

Is it really possible to keep a good woman down? Can Betsy reclaim her confidence while reconciling her clerical robe with high heels and the right shade of lipstick? A fun-loving look at a single girl’s life on the other side of the altar, Heavens to Betsy is also a hilarious and joyful celebration of strong, stylish, and faithful womanhood.

After the disaster of the previous book I needed a pick-me-upper. So I chose to read Heavens to Betsey.

Betsey is having some issues. She's in love with a man that doesn't notice her in "that way", her parish would rather have a male minister, money from Sunday collection is missing and she may just have a change of heart regarding her calling.

And it was just what I needed. It was a fast and funny read.

Heavens to Betsey by Beth Pattillo (3/5) General Fiction; Published: WaterBrook Press (6/2005); Series: # 1, Betsey Blessing; Source/Format: Library Ebook for OverDrive App; Books 2011 (34);

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