Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Darcy's Voyage

A Tale of Uncharted Love on the Open Seas

In this enchanting and highly original retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet sets out for the new world aboard the grand ship Pemberley's Promise. She's prepared for an uneventful voyage until a chance encounter with the handsome, taciturn Mr Darcy turns her world upside down.

When Elizabeth falls ill, Darcy throws convention overboard in a plan that bind them to each other more deeply than he ever could have imagined.

But the perils of their ocean voyage pale in comparison to the harsh reality of society's rules that threaten their chance at happiness. When they return to the lavish halls of England, will their love survive

I'm a sucker for Pride and Prejudice and I'm sure if you have been reading my blog for a little while you would have figured that out already. Very rarely do I say no to a re-telling of one of my favorite stories, but what caught my attention in the blurb for Darcy's Voyage was that part of the book took place in a ship to America. Different, isn't it?

I was hooked right from the beginning and amazingly enough I was able to read the book within a two day period. It helped that the kids were occupied and with the kitchen reno still underway I could hide in the family room and read. I loved the way the author was able just to grab hold of my attention, I was truly lost in Pemberley's Promise, with the ups and downs of sea travel and the discovery of certain emotions.

Although it's a unique way of re-telling P&P, the usual (and some of my favorite) characters were present. It gave me a sense of familiarity which is always appreciated in my part. Elizabeth and Darcy as usual were wonderful, but I was also pleasantly surprised on the "new" characters in the story, it a fresh perspective, I simply loved Captain Wendell.

If you're looking for a quick and nice read you cannot go wrong with Darcy's Voyage.

Darcy's Voyage by Kara Louise (3/5) Historical Fiction; Retelling of P&P; Originally published as Pemberley's Promise in 2007; Published: Sourcebooks Landmark (9/2010); Format: Ebook for Kindle; Books 2010 (81);

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