Wednesday, May 12, 2010

K is for Knights

I read Knights by Linda Lael Miller for the latest installment (the letter K) of The Alphabet in Historical Fiction which is hosted by the lovely ladies over at Historical Tapestry.

My original plan was to re-read A Knight in Shinning Armor by Jude Deveraux, but I couldn't find my copy. Whoever I loaned it to, would you please send it back please? I miss it. Anyway I was lucky enough to find another historical romance with a Knight. I remember reading this book ages ago, but couldn't remember the plot all that well. And while I was reading it, a saw a couple of similarities to AKISA: both have a time-traveler theme, and both heroines are Americans.

Here's the blurb for Knights by Linda Lael Miller:
In medieval England, Gloriana, Lady of Kenbrook, awaits her husband, Dane St. Gregory, whom she has not seen since childhood. She is stunned to discover that he has returned with a betrothed; beautiful Gloriana is to be cast into a nunnery. Dane's mysterious sister-in-law, Elaina, counsels her to win Dane's heart or see the entire Kenbrook line imperiled.

Entranced by her passionate will, he cannot resist Gloriana's potent charm, while she falls ever more deeply in love with Dane, her valiant swordsman. But their newfound happiness is brief -- suddenly, Gloriana is swept across the chasm of time to a dazzling future. Trapped centuries apart, Gloriana and Dane suffer the torment of their longing, knowing that only their love for one another and the strength of their desire can reunite them at last.

It was a definite page turner, the book kept me entertained and it had a certain mysticism to it that I found endearing. I enjoyed the setting, both Medieval England and also England in 1996, and the way that Gloriana "traveled" between them was very interesting and different. The characters were likable, Gloriana is head strong, beautiful young woman and who wishes to be independent; while Dane is (obviously) a hunky knight who does not want to be contradicted. I found their chemistry sizzling hot but found their love to be questionable. Come on does it really take one night for them to declare themselves to be in love? It just didn't make sense to me.

Knights by Linda Lael Miller (3/5) Paranormal Historical Romance: Time-Travel; Published: Pocket Books (5/1996); Alphabet Historical Challenge (11); Books 2010 (50);

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Rowenna said...

Sounds interesting! I've never read much time-traveling fiction--but this sounds like a good place to start. Nice review!