Friday, February 1, 2013

Vision Impossible

Abby Cooper's next mission may truly be impossible... 
Abby Cooper, the FBI's newest Civilian Profiler, is adding Spy to her resume. The military's digital photography software that captures one's aura- just like Abby can-sits in a drone aircraft that's been stolen. It's a major breach in security as every country's leader can be identified by their aura... 
Abby springs into action to stop the criminals before they set their diabolical plan into motion, while making herself a prime target.

It's been ages since I last read a Victoria Laurie book.  I simply adore her Psychic Eye series, I have read a couple of books from her other series, Ghost Hunter, but I have quite warmed up to GH yet.  

It's been a pretty busy week here at home, didn't get a chance to read too much this week.  I carried Vision Impossible with me wherever I went, just in case I had time to read.  Well, after a week, I finally finished it.  It hit the spot.  I needed a comfort read and this was it.  It was great to see both Abby and Dutch, but I was a little sad not to see the rest of the gang.  What was surprising to me was that the majority of the book is set in Toronto.  I loved the way the author put a Canadian touch to the story, there was a Tim Horton's mention (our version of Dunkin' Donuts), Shoppers Drug Mart, and the Eaton Centre.

Even though it's a cosy read, there was plenty of action in the book which kept the story flowing very well.  There were the expected laugh out loud moments and the I cannot believe she just did that; which was nice.  But I have to say I love the tougher Abby!  Don't mess with the people she cares about because you will she her claws!

Vision Impossible by Victoria Laurie (3/5) Paranormal Mystery; Published: Signet (6/2011); Series: # 9, Psychic Eye; Library; Books 2013 (8);

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