Monday, December 3, 2012

The Courtesan

Skilled in passion, artful in deception, and driven by betrayal, she is the glittering center of the royal court–but the most desired woman of Renaissance France will draw the wrath of a dangerous adversary. Paris, 1575. The consort of some of Europe’s most influential men, Gabrielle Cheney is determined to secure her future by winning the heart of Henry, the Huguenot king of Navarre. As his mistress, Gabrielle hopes she might one day become the power behind the French throne. But her plans are jeopardized by Captain Nicolas Rémy, a devoted warrior whose love Gabrielle desires–and fears–above all. She will also incur the malevolence of the Dark Queen, Catherine de’ Medici, whose spies and witch-hunters are legion, and who will summon the black arts to maintain her authority. With the lives of those she loves in peril, Gabrielle must rebel against her queen to fulfill a glorious destiny she has sacrificed everything to gain. 
Alive with vivid period detail and characters as vibrant as they are memorable, The Courtesan is a sweeping historical tale of dangerous intrigues, deep treachery, and one woman’s unshakable resolve to honor her heart.
I finished reading this book last week, and I've been having a hard time putting my thoughts down.  I found the book well written, the story flowed well, I loved the introduction of a few new characters who I think we may see more in future books.  It was great to see Renard, Ariane and Miri.  It was even nice to see Simon as well, but I'm not too sure about his character, he's confused and angry and I'm curious on what the author will do to redeem him. But The Courtesan is Gabrielle and Remy's story. Which I don't quite agree, it was Gabrielle's story, Remy had more of a secondary role in it in my opinion.  Gabrielle was the one who was struggling with what her heart said and what she had promised herself.  Should she follow Remy or should she become the mistress of an imprisoned king.

I guess it just wasn't what I was expecting. I still enjoyed it, but it just wasn't as good as the first book, The Dark Queen. I'm hoping that the next book of the series, The Silver Rose, will be better.

The Courtesan by Susan Carroll (3/5) Historical Fiction; Published: Ballantine Books (2005);
Series: # 2, The Dark Queen; Library; Books 2012 (49);


Linda said...

Sounds like a good series. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Kimberlee said...

I;m not sure if you already know this or not, but there will be a new book released in this series this month..For some reason, I can't remember the title right now, but you might want to check into it.