Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shoe Done It

Rita Jewel has a dream job selling fabulous clothes and accessories to the socialites of San Francisco at Dolce's Boutique.  But when a pair of heels becomes a clue in a murder, Rita finds herself engaged in a high-end crime of fashion...
Society maven MarySue Jensen has old San Francisco money and an eye for style.  That's why she must have those handmade silver stilettos special ordered from Dulce's by their top fashionista, Rita Jewel.  She'd die before she wore anything less at the biggest charity event of the season.  That same night, MarySue Jensen's cold, lifeless body is found in Golden Gate Park...tragically barefoot.
What kind of remorseless, fashion-conscious maniac would swipe a pair of handcrafted stilettos from a corpse?  With her boss a prime suspect, Rita Jewel -- and unnervingly sexy detective Jack Wall -- must track down a killer.  But before Rita engages in such a dangerous game, she has one nagging question...What does one wear to solve a crime?
Another good mystery for me.  

I loved that this story is set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities.  I'm not a huge fashion follower, I'm what people call comfortable. I love my jeans and tees!  But I enjoyed how these characters are fashionista willing to do and get everything they think is fashion.  The main character, Rita, I'm not sure about just yet,   I'll have to read more of the series.  The mystery itself had me guessing, one chapter was one person, next chapter was someone different and I was completely surprised on who it was.

Shoe Done It by Grace Carroll (3/5) Mystery; Published: Berkley Prime Crime (10/2011); Series: # 1, An Accessories Mystery; New Author; Library; Books 2012 (53)  

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Kimberlee said...

Sounds like a great cozy..Will have to check into it. Great review!