Monday, April 9, 2012

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek

When the newly minted minister Adam Joseph Jordan comes to guide the flock of Butternut Creek Christian Church, Miss Birdie and her friend Mercedes take it upon themselves to educate him on how things should be done. They also decide he needs a wife, and soon. As Adam deftly dodges the Widows matchmaking, they turn their attention to another new bachelor in town.
Having lost his leg in the war in Afghanistan, veteran marine Sam Peterson has come to live in his late aunt's house. Dealing with post-traumatic stress and depression, Sam wants to be left alone. But the community of Butternut Creek doesn't know how to do that. Between the matchmaking of the Widows, the eager young minister, and the two red-headed sons of his beautiful physical therapist, Willow, playing in his yard, Sam is soon drawn out of his self-induced solitude. Though he falls for Willow, she's unlike any other woman he's pursued. Sam doesn't know where his life is headed, and Willow is afraid to commit herself and two sons to another man after being betrayed by her first husband. The Widows will have to put all their energy and scheming into bringing this couple together.

I love novels set in small towns! I know I sound like a broken record, I'm sure I've mentioned a few times (or more...).  This small town it right up my alley, interesting (and entertaining) characters: meddling old  women, a lonely war vet, a couple of single moms, a young minister just to name a few.

The meddling old women, or the Widows, as they liked to be called, are the welcoming committee,  the matchmakers, the all around organizers for all those little extras around town.  Adam and Sam are their projects, they know that what they need is the love a good woman.  Adam isn't quite ready for a relationship.  Sam on the other hand, is attracted to his physical therapist and he's slowly falling in love with her and her two sons.

It was a quick read.  I enjoyed it, I did find that there's was way too much going on, but it was easy enough to follow.  The book reminded me of Jan Karon's  Mitford series. A good and entertaining read.

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek by Jane Myers Perrine (3.5/5) General Fiction; Published: Hachette Book Group (4/2012); New Author; New Release; Library; Books 2012 (27); 

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Jane Myers Perrine said...

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek. I love small towns too--have lived in many Hope you'll pick up The Matchmakers of Butternut Creek in November.