Monday, March 26, 2012

Confessions of an Improper Bride

Serena Donovan left London six years ago, her heart broken and her reputation ruined by devilishly handsome Jonathan Dane. Now, with her family's future in peril, she reluctantly agrees to return to England and assume her late twin's identity. The price? Marry a man she doesn't love and spend the rest of her days living a lie. 

Jonathan Dane, Earl of Stratford, has become an incorrigible rake, drinking, gambling-and trying to forget Serena Donovan. Yet the moment he's introduced to the prim and proper "Meg", he recognizes the sensual young woman who captured his heart. Haunted by his past mistakes, he refuses to lose Serena again. But convincing her to trust him is no easy task. Claiming his lost love means exposing the truth and destroying the life Serena has sacrificed everything to rebuild. With the future of all the Donovans at stake, and their undying passion capable of triggering yet another scandal, how much will Jonathan and Serena risk for a chance at true love?

I don't know about you, but when I try out a new author I'm always a bit skeptical.  I'm never sure if the the book or the author's "hype" is truly deserved or just that...hype.  So let's say just say I was giving this book my full attention and not having the reviews (that I read) cloud my judgement.

Serena was a young, romantic woman when Jonathan first hurt her.  Now she has the opportunity to give her family the happiness that they deserve.  The only problem is that she has to pretend to be her twin sister.  She feels that she can fool people into believing that she is Meg, but the moment that she's re-introduced to Jonathan, he doesn't quite believe it.  And then the "struggle" begins.  She is disappointed that she still has feelings for Jonathan, and he wants to get to the bottom of the Meg/Serena masquerade.  Serena wants to guard her heart but it's hard to her to live Meg's life...

I usually don't like masquerades, I feel that the deception never really works out in the end, someone will always get hurt at the end.  But surprisingly enough I found this one very well written and at times Serena's struggle with the deception really got to my heartstrings, she wanted to give Meg's spirit the happy ending that she deserved.  Okay, I have a prediction, I predict that Meg is not dead and somehow survived, she somewhere....I just know it! lol  Both Serena and Jonathan loved each when they were young and those feelings didn't die, and the way that they fight for those feelings as adults was heartwarming and a true romance.  This is truly a touching book.  You should have tissues handy, just in case.

Confessions of Improper Bride by Jennifer Haymore (4/5) Historical Fiction; Published: Grand Central Publishing (8/2011); New Author; Series: # 1, Donovan Sisters; Library; Books 2012 (21);

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