Monday, June 7, 2010

Careless in Red

He found the body on the forty-third day of his walk . . .

Devastated by the senseless murder of his wife, Detective Superintendent Thomas Lynley retreated to Cornwall, where he has spent six solitary weeks hiking the bleak and rugged coastline. But no matter how far he walks, the painful memories do not diminish.

Then, at the base of a cliff near a town better known for its surfing than its intrigue, Lynley discovers the body of a young man who has fallen to his death. First a witness, then a suspect when the hand of a killer is revealed, Lynley remains, above all, a policeman willing to aid the gruff head of an understaffed local constabulary in her investigation. But the secrets in this community run dark and deep—and Lynley must somehow find a way to let go of the past long enough to solve a most devious and dreadful crime.

It's been ages since I last read a Thomas Lynley book by Elizabeth George. I was a little turned off by what had happened to his wife. I didn't like the author's decision to kill her off, so basically I was pouting and upset....I finally got over it and picked up Careless in Red.

Thomas Lynley comes across a body while he's hiking through the Cornish coastline. And that's how Inspector Lynley becomes involved in the case, although he does not want to a part of the investigation. He is done with that life, he says. But once a cop always a cop and soon he is discovering little twists to the local's stories.

I enjoyed the story. I loved the way that the author is able to take me to this rugged coastline, and experience the pain and suffering of the characters. The reason behind the murder is terrible but understandable. I felt for his family, even though the family is dysfunctional with a capital "D". Even though the investigation takes most of the storyline the secondary stories are just as entertaining as the main. Can't wait to get my hands on the next book!

Careless in Red by Elizabeth George (4/5) Mystery; Published: Harper (5/2008); Series: # 15, Lynley & Havers; Colorful Reading Challenge (2); Thriller & Suspense Challenge (5); Books 2010 (63)

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