Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How To Host A Killer Party

Presley Parker was just happy to get her party planning business off the ground - even if she is beginning with small-time kids' parties. Then she gets the gig of the year: planning Mayor Davin Green's sumptuous "surprise" wedding for his socialite fiancée, to be held on Alcatraz.

The gig goes off without a hitch - until the bride bolts faster than any of the prison's past escapees, and is later found dead, floating in the bay. Then the original party planner for the wedding - Presley's competitor - is found murdered. When Presley becomes a prime suspect, she looks to attractive crime scene cleaner Brad Matthews to help tidy up her reputation. If she doesn't, she'll be exchanging her formal wear for prison stripes....

What a great cozy read! It was a great afternoon read...

I enjoyed the premise of the story, the setting and the characters. I thought the idea of having a wedding at Alcatraz was a hoot, even though the idea of the bride going along with wedding (there) wasn't believable, especially it being a surprise. I also found the mystery interesting and it kept me guessing on who the guilty party was. Presley having ADHD truly explained certain things but after so many mentions of her hyper-activity got a little tedious. And as a parent of a child that has it, I can understand the hardship to calm down and relax. The possibility of a future romance between Presley and Brad was an added bonus.

I'm looking forward on reading the next book.

How to Host a Killer Party by Penny Warner (4/5) Contemporary Mystery; Published: Obsidian Mystery (2/10); New Author; Series: # 1, A Party-Planning Mystery; Books 2010 (29);


Penny said...

Hi Leya,
Thanks for the kind review.
Glad you enjoyed the book.
Let me know if you'd like a "party" bookmark or min pop-up party album and I'll send them along to your mailing address.

Ann Elle Altman said...

Sounds cool. I love a good mystery and a cozy at that...I'll go check it out.