Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pemberley by the Sea

Marine biologist Cassie Boulton likes her coffee with cream and her literature with happy endings. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, but Cassie has no patience when a modern-day Mr. Darcy appears in her lab. Silent and aloof, Calder Westing III doesn't seem to offer anything but a famous family name.

But there is more to Calder than meets the eye, and he can't get enough of Cassie Boulton. Especially after one passionate night by the sea. But Cassie keeps her distance. Frustrated by Cassie's evasions, Calder tells her about his feelings the only way she'll let him-by rewriting her favorite book, with the two of them in the roles of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. But it's up to Cassie to supply the ending ...

As you can see my P&P fix is still in full swing and by the looks of things I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon...I just got another book along the same lines for my Kindle...I blame Amazon...Don't tell my husband. Shhh!

I have mixed feelings about this story. Although I enjoyed the characters, the setting and I loved the marine biology take, I couldn't really get into the story itself, and by the time the "re-telling of P&P" through the hero's book came along it turned me off. The story itself was doing fine and that came about and I had to put the book down. Yep, I stopped reading it. Not completely, I came back to it after I read something else (which is coming soon! My thoughts that is...). And I'm sad to say that it didn't warm up for me after my break. I hate when that happens...The potential was so great and fell short. Argh!

Has anyone else read this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Pemberley By The Sea by Abigail Reynolds (2.5/5) Contemporary Fiction; Re-telling of P&P; Published: Sourcebooks Landmark (10/08); New Author; What's In A Name?(1); Books 2010 (14);

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