Monday, February 15, 2010

Loyalty in Death

I'm a huge fan of Nora Roberts, I read (or trying to to) all her books, I particularly love her Eve Dallas series, which she writes under JD Robb. Last year I decided to start re-reading them, so I've slowly been going through and I was surprised to find one that I actually hadn't read yet, Loyalty in Death. And I'm reading it for a challenge as well, Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge 2010.

Here's the blurb (taken from
#1 New York Times bestselling author J. D. Robb's phenomenal series has captivated readers with it tantalizing blend of romance, suspense, and futuristic police procedural. Now, New York cop Eve Dallas returns to face her most ingenious foe -- a "secret admirer" who taunts her with letters...and kills without mercy.


An unknown bomber is stalking New York City. He is sending Eve Dallas taunting letters promising to wreak mass terror and destruction among the "corrupt masses." And when his cruel web of deceit and destruction threatens those she cares for most, Even fights back. It's her's her job...and it's hitting too close to home. Now, in a race against a ticking clock, Eve must make the pieces fit—before the city falls.

And just all the other Eve Dallas books I inhaled this one. It was just one of those books you can cuddle with and lose yourself in. You have suspenseful adventure, with the added bonus of Roarke, and there's also the blossoming romance between McNab and Peabody. And we also see Eve struggle with her memories.

I was truly surprised with the who dunnit in this book and the author wrapped it all nicely and answered all my questions. You know the ones: Where the h*** did that come from? and Why? Why?... I will not share those answers with you, but it definitely had me on the edge of my seat and I cannot believe that an individual is that devious and has the ability to suck in people into his/her cause.

I wondered if I missed any other Dallas books?

Loyalty In Death by J.D. Robb (4/5) Romantic Suspense: Alternate Future; Published: Berkley (10/99); Series: # 9, Eve Dallas - In Death; Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge (1); Books 2010 (16);


Nise' said...

I love this series too. Just finished Kindred in Death.

Kailana said...

I need to read more in this series...