Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Virgin's Secret

Even the least sensible woman knew, upon meeting his gaze, that here was a man who was more than he might at first appear, who might steal the heart of even the most resistant woman. But oh, what a lovely theft!

Adventurer Nathanial Harrington would never steal another man's discovery. And he'd never be so dishonorable as to tempt an untouched woman into his bed . . . even one as stunningly beautiful as Gabriella Montini. Yet she intrigues him. What is her secret? Nate would do anything to find out.

Nathanial is an earl's son--but Gabriella knows he's not to be trusted! He's more than just a mere thief of hearts, he's also stolen her brother's good name. Determined to restore his reputation, she'd even masquerade as a destitute orphan and be taken into his family's home. But how can she continue her ruse when she finds herself succumbing to Nathanial's passionate charms?

The Virgin's Secret is the first book of the new Victoria Alexander series, Harrington Siblings. Imagine Indiana Jones in the late 19th century, and you have the Harrington brothers: Sterling, Quintin and Nathanial.

The book has the usual Victoria Alexander humour and fast pace. But it also has likable characters. I enjoyed both Gabriella and Nathanial, they both unconventional to the times. They were attracted to each other since the first moment the met, but they fought their feelings. Each with their own reasons for doing so, but eventually they come to a sort of an agreement. But can Gabriella's secret come between them? Which I found ludicrous, but I won't get into that.

I found the quest for the medallion entertaining with all the twists and turns. Loved the way that Gabriella and Nathanial worked together, even with their disagreements. I found the fire unnecessary at the end - just my opinion - I don't think it was needed, and Gabriella's "illness" was a little too much.

I am interested on what will happen next...I wonder how long I will have to wait.

The Virgin's Secret by Victoria Alexander (4/5) Historical Romance; Published: Avon (5/2009); Series: # 1, Harrington Siblings; 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (65); Romance Reading Challenge (7);


Amy said...

Oh, Leya! I'm reading this one now. It started off and stayed kinda slow, but I'm enjoying the later 3rd of the book more now.

Amy said...

Oh, and Leya, the next Harrington book doesn't come out until 2010! Ugh.