Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Like It Wicked

Once upon a time I used to be a huge fan of Teresa Medeiros. At one point she was a must buy author, but I was turned off by her attempt to crossover to the paranormal genre. But it's very hard to stop reading her books, it's habit. I had high hopes for Some Like It Wicked.

Here's the blurb:
Some like it dangerous . . .

Highland beauty Catriona Kincaid cares nothing for propriety—or even her own safety—when she storms the grounds of Newgate Prison. Determined to return to Scotland and restore her clan's honor, she seeks the help of Sir Simon Wescott, a disgraced nobleman and notorious rogue. She is prepared to offer him both wealth and freedom, but she never dreams the wicked rake will be bold enough to demand a far more sensual prize.

Some like it seductive . . .

Simon is shocked to discover the tomboy he met long ago has blossomed into a headstrong temptress. Although he's sworn off his dreams of becoming a hero, he can't resist playing knight errant to Catriona's damsel in distress. Both adventure and peril await them at her Highland home, where they will risk their lives to vanquish her enemies . . . and risk their hearts to discover a passion beyond their wildest dreams.

I'm disappointed. I didn't enjoy the book as much as I thought I would have. But, it was better (in my opinion) than the last two books that I read of hers. I think the author's slowly going back to her roots.

What did I take out of the book? A few hours of entertainment. I enjoyed the plot, but couldn't get into the hero and heroine, they simply got on my nerves. I love strong, independent women, but Catriona at times seemed foolish and downright spoiled. Simon, a self-proclaimed rake, an anti-hero to his core, well I just couldn't warm up to him. The one thing I did enjoy of their pairing was their banter. It made me laugh. And I missed that in the previous books, the laughter.

I'm hoping that the next book, Some Like It Wild, will be better.

Some Like It Wicked by Teresa Medeiros (3/5) Historical Romance; Published: Avon: (7/2008); Series: # 1, The Kincaid Highland Series; 100 + Reading Challenge (35); 2009 Support Your Local Library (30);

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~*Kaila*~ said...

I just bought this book so I am really hoping that it turns out okay.