Friday, February 13, 2009

No Rest for the Wiccan

Maggie O'Neill loves her job at Enchantments as much as she loves being Indiana's newest witch. But when her family needs her, she's still willing to lend a hand—even if she has to reach beyond the grave...

It's a long, hot summer in Stony Mill, and Maggie is busy watching TV reruns, minding the store, and figuring out her love life. Then she reluctantly volunteers to care for her bedridden, oh-so-perfect sister, Mel, and her beautiful nieces. But Mel isn't the only focus of Maggie's attention. There are some strange spirits hanging about the area—and it looks like a job for Maggie and the N.I.G.H.T.S. ghost hunting team.

And even as she tries to deal with the long-dead, Maggie must cope with the recently-deceased. A friend of Mel's loses her husband to a dreadful fall, and the police are calling it accidental death. Maggie's not so sure, and sets her second sights on finding a first-degree murderer...

Another good quick read. I can devour one easily enough in a day. I just wished I had more time to do it...

In this book Maggie and her possy investigate not only a ghost/spirit possession of her sister's house but also a bizarre murder. And neither these two take too much of the book. It's more about her involvement with NIGHTS and it coming to the public. There's also this love triangle going on between Maggie, Marcus and Tom.

I'm hoping that the author won't prolong the triangle, I really hate when a heroine cannot make up her mind. Maggie needs to make up her mind and stick to her decision. Although I like Tom, I find him a little boring and lately I've found that the only time they talk is regarding "police business", plus he's not a fan of her gift. On the other hand there's Marcus, super sexy, and interesting and he's also involved with the paranormal investigations, but something about him makes me not trust him.

No Rest for the Wiccan by Madelyn Alt (3.5/5) Contemporary Mystery; Paranormal: Ghost/Psychic; Published: Berkley (2008); Series: # 4, A Bewitching Mystery; 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (20); 2009 Support Your Local Library (15);

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