Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ghost at Work

Bailey Ruth Raeburn has always been great at solving mysteries. Why should a little thing like her death change anything? In fact, being dead gives her more of an opportunity to be on top of events. Bailey Ruth is delighted that her unique position as a ghost makes it possible for her to lend a helping hand, sometimes seen and sometimes not. And if anybody needs a little help, it's Kathleen, the pastor's wife. There's a dead man on her porch, and once the body is discovered, the pastor is sure to become a suspect.

Uncharitable people might call it meddling, but Bailey Ruth knows Kathleen needs her help! As a member of Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, Bailey Ruth goes back to earth to extricate Kathleen from a dire situation. If Bailey Ruth has to bend a few rules to help Kathleen save her family, Wiggins, her fussbudget supervisor, will make sure it all turns out right in the end.

Although I have heard of Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand and Henrie O series, I have never read her books. Well, until I picked up Ghost At Work at the library recently.

The concept is different from the other ghost/spirit mystery series. The ghost is this one is the actual heroine, although a tad annoying at times, but nevertheless she is entertaining. I found the book fast paced and interesting, although times I found it to be a little out there in certain areas, it was still a good read.

I enjoyed the fact that Bailey Ruth had been absent from earth for a while, and she had to learn about certain technologies. And also I found that the rules or precepts that she was given by her superior vastly entertaining, expecially when she was trying to bend said rules. The persons of interest of the investigation of the murder were interesting, or least the way that Bailey Ruth did the "snooping", or the way she tried to the help the police chief.

Overall I found the story charming and I will be looking forward on reading more books by this author.

Ghost at Work by Carolyn Hart (4/5) Mystery; Paranormal: Ghost; Published: William Morrow (2008); Series: # 1, Bailey Ruth Raeburn; 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (26); 2009 Support Your Local Library (21);

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