Monday, January 19, 2009

A Veiled Deception

I found A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair on the new releases shelf at the library. I couldn't resist bringing it home with me.

Here's the blurb:

With years of experience working for a top New York designer, Madeira Cutler has learned to appreciate the clean line, rich texture, and elegant draping of a finely crafted garment. It's not until Maddie goes home to Mystick Falls, Connecticut, for her sister's wedding, however, that she discovers her understanding of fashion goes much deeper...

Before the accessory shopping and fittings can begin, the festivities hit a snag when Maddie finds her sister's nemesis strangled with the bride-to-be's veil. In between opening her own vintage clothing shop and keeping the wedding on track, Maddie's determined to perform her own investigation to clear her family's name. She soon finds that her best witness may be an antique wedding dress that magically unveils to her the secrets of those who have worn it. But if the gown doesn't talk fast enough, the lives of everyone Maddie loves will surely fall apart at the seams.

I admit, although I was a tad excited about this book, I was also a little skeptical. I enjoy paranormal mysteries on occasion but they can be a bit overdone in my opinion. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one though.

I loved the setting, I have the perfect picture of Mystick Falls (I have vivid imagination!), I can picture the shops and the homes, very quaint and peaceful with lots of curious visitors. I did mention my vivid imagination, right? The characters are great! I love the closeness that Maddie has to her friends and family. Nick is one hot tamale! And then there's a very interesting ghost, named Dante. I love the way Maddie's father has a perfect quote for everything. Aunt Fiona has potential, she seems to be a maternal figure for Maddie, but can there be something brewing with the father? The story was good. I figured the whodunit pretty early, but I still enjoyed it. My favorite part of the book was the dialogue, it was awesome! Full of humor and sarcasm, and at times very touching and emotional.

Now, for the bad part. I have to wait until August for the next book of the series, Lace and Larceny.

A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair (4/5) Contemporary Mystery; Paranormal: Psychic/Ghost; Published: Berkley Prime Crime (1/09); Series: # 1, A Vintage Magic Mystery; 2009 Pub Challenge (1); 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (8); 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge (6);


Ana T. said...

Hi Leya,
the name of the heroine is Madeira? Like in timber?

Leya said...

Yes, like timber and the island and the wine! lol I believe she's named after the wine, though. I found that funny...

Ana T. said...

Goodness, this would soooooo not work in portuguese. :-)