Saturday, January 24, 2009

Light From Heaven

Father Timothy Kavanaugh has been asked to “come up higher” more than once. He did, after all, raise a thrown-away boy, adopt a dog the size of a Buick, and recite his wedding vows at the tender age of sixtysomething. But he’s never been asked to do the impossible.

While farm-sitting with Cynthia outside Mitford, the retired Episcopal priest is charged with the revival of Holy Trinity, a mountain church that’s been closed for forty years. His bishop’s further mandate: “Get it up and running, ASAP.” Fortunately, like Daniel, he’s been given an angel (albeit one with an unlikely talent for barbering).

Although this is a re-read, er, (re)listen. It's all like new... This is the first time since the original reading that I've spent with this title. I still feel much the same as I did the first time I read it. You can find it here. Because I listened to the audiobook version, I got a different perspective, you can say. I enjoyed the voice of the reader, John McDonough. He made it real, and I could see him as Father Tim.

Light From Heaven by Jan Karon (Re-read) Fiction; Published: Penguin (2005); Series: # 9, Mitford Years; 2009 100 + Reading Challenge (10);

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