Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas With Daddy

It was once again time to take a book out of my Super Harlequin collection, and goody for me it was one of the newly Christmas themed books.

Here’s the blurb for Christmas With Daddy by C.J. Carmichael:

Detective Nick Gray loves his baby daughter, Mandy. But he's used to solving crimes--not changing diapers! So when he has sudden custody of Mandy, Nick is totally out of his element. Luckily his neighbor, Bridget Humphrey, is there to lend a hand.

Bridget has had feelings for Nick forever, but she's nothing like the glamorous women he dates. Then a funny thing happens. As they care for Mandy together, and as Bridget uses her skills to help him solve a case, it turns out she and Nick have a lot in common. In fact, their relationship could get serious. But is this fun-loving bachelor a candidate for happy ever after?

In the season of miracles, anything can happen!

Maybe it was just me, but I thought this book was all over the place. I was expecting one thing and got another.

I don't know much about numerology, but I thought it was pretty far fetched that it was taken to help the case. I can understand the severity of the case but I just couldn't see it being used.

I read Harlequin SuperRomance as a treat, they're my not so guilty pleasure. But I found this book far from a treat.

I'm such a moody reader! I think I'll keep this book around just in case...Maybe I'll pick it again next year.

Christmas With Daddy by C.J. Carmichael (2.5/5) Contemporary Romance; Harlequin SuperRomance # 1525; Published: Harlequin (11/2008); 100 + Reading Challenge (85);

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Ana T. said...

I'm also into Christmas readings this month. Maybe this is one I wont need to look for. ;-)