Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Velvet Promise

I cannot remember the last time I read a book written by Jude Deveraux, it’s been years. She writes both historical and contemporary romance, but as you might have guessed I prefer her historical books. I have read several, and one of my all time favourites was written by the author, but I have not read any books of the Velvet series, so when The Velvet Promise was chosen as our group discussion book, I had no problems getting into the mood.

Here’s the blurb:
All of England rejoiced on her wedding day. But Judith vowed that her husband would get only what he took from her!

At the flower-bedecked altar, the first touch of their hands ignited an all-consuming passion. Gavin Montgomery looked deep into her golden eyes and burned with desire for her...but his heart had been pledged to another.

Humiliated and alone in a strange castle, Judith resolved to hate this husband who took her body, but rejected her love...never admitting her fear of losing him.
But destiny held another fate for Judith...a fate that would keep at last...The Velvet Promise.

My first thought after reading this book was: historical romance has definitely changed in the past twenty years. I thank you, publishing gods! This book was originally published in 1981, and it shows.

It wasn’t all bad. I enjoyed the heroine, Judith, I thought she was strong and independent but when it came to the hero she was a bubbling idiot, her emotions all over the place. I didn’t care for the hero, Gavin, a blind fool who was guided by his honour (or something else!). I enjoyed the hero's brothers, Miles, Stephen and Raine. I will be looking for their books, as well, they sparked my curiosity. But my favourite character was the villain. I loved the villain, she was so wicked, so crazed and so well written that it made the whole book.

Another thing that I had a problem with, was the violence against women. I realize that the time that the book is set, it was common for men to show their superiority with fists and much more. But it really turns me off, so I skimmed through these bits in the book.

The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux (3/5) Historical Romance; Published: Pocket (1981); Series: # 1, Velvet; 100 + Reading Challenge (78); Library book;

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