Sunday, September 28, 2008


Here's the blurb for Un-Bridaled by Eileen Rendahl:
With half her immediate family having been committed -- mentally speaking -- why can't Chloe Sachs commit? After all, she's always been considered the sane one. But standing at the altar, moments away from becoming Mrs. Mark Hutchinson, Chloe hears a voice telling her in no uncertain terms, Run! So she hikes up her wedding whites, leaves behind her handsome fiancé and a few hundred guests, and tears down California's Interstate 505 in her red Ford Frontier.

Now Chloe has no Plan B, two kooky dogs, one angry ex, and a truckload of wedding gifts to return. Taking refuge at her grandmother's empty rental bungalow, Chloe unearths some surprising family secrets while renovating it -- and meets some very intriguing new people, like the hot veterinarian she can't get off her mind. And with her family and friends' help, Chloe realizes she doesn't have to run anymore -- because she's already home.

This was another quick read. It was one of those books that you don't quite remember that you have other things to just want to read. This book had everything! Gorgeous setting, quirky and funny characters, two very interesting pets and one fixer-upper bungalow.

And this is where Chloe comes to sort through things. This is also where she finds a stack of letters. Love letters between her aunt and her lover. She discovers a big family secret, which makes a lot of sense and gives her a different perspective towards her relationship with her mother, which is stressed to say the least.

I found that the story was about Chloe growing into the person that she's always wanted to be. Without the approval of her mother or the manipulations of her ex-fiance.

Un-Bridaled by Eileen Rendahl (4.5/5) General Fiction: Chick Lit; Published: Downtown Press (2006); New Author; 100 + Reading Challenge (66); Library book;

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